A German-Swedish-Russian Initative to promote young scientists
embedded in the RAC and IRI collaboration frameworks

04.08. – 11.08.2019, Svetlogorsk, Russia
Structure, Real-time Dynamics and Processes in Complex Systems


M: raciri@nrcki.ru

The RACIRI Summer School is a joint initiative by Russia, Sweden and Germany in the collaborative framework of the Röntgen-Angström-Cluster (RAC) and the Ioffe-Röntgen-Institute (IRI).

The novel format of the RACIRI Summer School is driven by scientific frontier themes and challenges in the field of materials sciences with a strong connection to the superb analytical potential at current and future research infrastructures (synchrotron radiation, X-rays and neutrons) in the Baltic region.

Dear colleagues,

Germany, Russia and Sweden have jointly launched the RACIRI Summer Schools initiative in 2013 that is based on two bilateral cooperation platforms, the German-Swedish Röntgen-Ångström Cluster RAC ( http://www.rontgen-angstrom.eu ) and the German-Russian Ioffe-Röntgen Institute IRI (www.ioffe-roentgen.org).

A key objective of the both platforms, RAC and IRI, is the training of the next generation of researchers in order to contribute to the best possible exploitation of this unique research infrastructure. RACIRI Summer Schools offer a unique training for young researchers in the field of materials and life science where neutrons and X-rays are used. The general topic of the schools is “Advanced Materials Design at X-ray and Neutron Facilities” (http://www.raciri.org/). The focus theme of the RACIRI 2019 Summer School is “Structure, Real-time Dynamics and Processes in Complex Systems”. RACIRI Summer School 2019 will be held in Svetlogorsk (Kaliningrad area), Russia from 4 to 11 August.

In general, admission to the RACIRI Summer School is based on the national calls in the partner countries Sweden, Russia and Germany and granted through a nomination process based on scientific excellence. Each country will organize the calls and the nomination process autonomously and may engage national research organizations by using their experiences for that purpose, networks and the best practice mechanisms in advertising the RACIRI Summer School and in nominating young researchers.

With the support from the Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States Affairs, Compatriots Living Abroad, and International Humanitarian Cooperation ( http://rs.gov.ru/en) RACIRI Organizing Committee can invite up to 15 young researchers from third countries – EU countries and the CIS countries excluding Russia (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Turkmenistan).

Living costs (i.e. accommodation and food) and transportation will be covered for nominated young researchers.

Young researchers aged between 25 to 35 from the EU countries and the CIS countries (excluding Russia) with an interest in RACIRI Summer School 2019 are kindly invited to submit their application which should include: 

All documents should be submitted until July 8, 2019 via online form below